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    FLY Industry is a global supplier of automobile diagnoFLY tools. we have been involving in automobile professional diagnoFLY tools, interfaces, tuning, tachopro, car dealership, training since our Headquarters built up at year 2012 in ShenZhen,we are trying our best to deliver certainty to our clients everyday.
    With our PRP (profit return project) project since last Aug.2008, our partners and distributors have been enjoying with our factory cost products as everyday low cost level. "Survive by technology, empowered by people". With our strong experience technicals support and efficient after service support, together with our co-workers, FLY Industry technology is becoming one of well known players in automobile aftermarket.
    We sincerely welcome partners and dealers visit us when you're available ! We welcome OEM ODM partners join us to run win-win solutions. Become a dealer kindly reach us at the seller skype id: cnautoscan or fly.obd, seller email is or , technical support engineer Skype Id: flyobd_01 or flyobd_02 or flyobd_03 or fly431
TM100 FUll Unlimited sale promotion for one month(Only for old TM100 based version).
    Start time:2016-3-1.
    End time:2016-3-31.
    TM100 based version only need to pay 1000 usd , you can get TM100 FUll Unlimited.
TM100 FUll Unlimited sale promotion for one month(Only for TM100 FULL six months Permission Period).
    Start time:2016-3-1.
    End time:2016-3-31.
    TM100 FULL six months Permission Period version only need to pay 1000 usd , you can get TM100 FUll Unlimited.
OBD Terminator:
FLY 100 Generation 2:
Programmer Tango full version is 800 usd only. you can see all detail information from this site:tango-en.htm
PAACE Automechanika Mexico 2015, Date: 7.15.2015 to 7.17.2015 , Booth Number:2636
Distributor Needed
You can apply for VIP member if you already ordered over 1,000USD.
You can apply for Dealer member if you already ordered over 5,000USD.
You can apply for Special Member if you already ordered over 20,000USD.
Check prices in this page:

We are the exclusive dealer in the world for some hot items. Now we are looking for distributors world wide for our exclusive items. Please contact if you are interest in becoming your local dealer.
TM100 4d and 46 copy machine will begin to sell on 5-18-2015. TM100 4d and 46 copy machine will begin to sell on 5-18-2015.
Nissan 20-dogit PIN Calaultor:Nissan 20-dogit PIN Calaultor
AMR Frankfurt German 2014 Year
TM100 Key Programmer
AVDI V2016 and FVDI V2016
Nissan consult-3 plus for all Nissan、Infiniti、GTR and Renault
AMR Beijing 2013-4-1 to 2013-4-3
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